Had a lovely weekend here in Mokhotlong. We spent Saturday morning watching the Fab Four because of a staff workshop. I think they are finally really comfortable with us—evidenced by the fact that we managed to get all four of them to sleep for a nice chunk of time. Awake, they were loving Reid’s guitar playing.

The outreach workers prepared a traditional Basotho meal to be served at the end of the workshop, and we fortunately got to join in the feasting. They had papa (the cornmeal porridge staple), chopped spiced cabbage, chicken, and Chakalaka (a kind of tomato salsa/sauce that tastes almost as awesome as its name suggests), along with “drink”, a ginger-pineapple punch. It was pretty fabulous.

Afterwards we headed to the river, about a half-hour walk from TTL. We found the cave recommended by Dan and Mo (we think—is this it, guys?),

but decided that it might be nicer to sit and read in the sun.

We lasted until the wind got the better of us, and then wandered further down the river until we found a way to cut back up to TTL.

The next morning we decided to tackle Thaba Telle (apparently something like “Tall Mountain”), the mountain behind TTL.

The hiking is different than anything else I have experienced: no trails, and a strange mix of grassy shrubs and rocks. At the top, you are climbing almost straight up over boulders and rocks. From the summit you can see the whole town as well as all of the surrounding mountain ranges. Gorgeous.

Those of you who know me well might be able to guess that the climb up was much less intimidating to me than the return downhill.

Going straight down over sliding gravel and rocks is pretty much my idea of terrifying, but we persevered and made it down (slowly!).

Came home and prepared a curry and my first batch of African chocolate chip cookies to welcome Nicole and Claire, the two med students who arrived Sunday. We were joined for dinner by Nthabaleng and her friend Kefue. A very good weekend.


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