Saving One Child at a Time

TTL serves the most in-need children in one of the poorest countries in Africa by increasing access to health care, providing health education, and combating malnutrition.

TTL is exclusively dedicated to caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in the rural, mountainous district of Mokhotlong, Lesotho; we work to ensure children affected by HIV/Aids are able to grow, develop, and thrive.

Our Mission

To mitigate the effects of HIV/malnutrition on the most vulnerable infant children under five years of age by supporting their health, nutrition, developmental and emotional needs while empowering their extended families and communities who care for them to provide a better future for these children.

TTL Works in 3 Ways


Outreach and Safe Home:

TTL’s Outreach includes home visiting and the Safe Home: where children with the most severe health issues come to receive extensive care.

Early Childhood Education (ECE):

TTL’S ECE Program works directly with the schools to provide monthly health check-ups, meal assistance, and educational resources.

Community Nutrition Education:

TTL seeks to educate the community about nutrition. Our goal is helping families identify where their nutritional practices could be sustainably improved.

Latest News & Updates


Building a Brighter Future

Building a Brighter Future In the picturesque district of Mokhotlong, where TTL works, the harsh reality of rolling blackouts has cast a shadow over the lives of its residents. Similar to the widespread power cuts experienced in South Africa, the erratic electricity supply has affected countless individuals, disrupting their day-to-day activities and leaving them grappling…

Witnessing the Impact

Hi friends! If you don’t know me, my name is Rachael Fink and I have had the incredible privilege the last 10 months to work alongside some of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met, here at TTL in Mokhotlong. I am honored to be here, in-country, for TTL’s 18th birthday. If you ask me…

Visiting TTL in December 2019

By Patrick Halladay Bob Swanson, John Kelly and I were Peace Corps Volunteer high school teachers in the 1980’s in Lesotho.  Bob also worked as a member of the Peace Corps staff for a year, and Pat at Save the Children Fund (UK) for three years.  We have remained friends over the years since and…

Help us save the most vulnerable children in one of the poorest regions of Africa.