What You Can Do

Our motto is saving lives, one child at a time. But, to support the life-saving work the staff in Lesotho does, we also rely on one supporter at a time. Here are some easy ways for you to get involved now and become a part of our story.
Become a Monthly Donor

The Tiny Lives Foundation has been able to fund life-saving help for more than 2,500 kids over the last 17 years. All of this has been made possible by of a group of dedicated individuals. Would you like to become a part of this group through TTLF’s Monthly Donor Program or the Founder’s Society?

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Organize Your Community

Are you a student? Do you belong to a church? Schools, churches, and other communities can become official partner communities with The Tiny Lives Foundation. We will help you connect your community to a mission that will inspire. For more information please contact us at info@thetinylivesfoundation.org.

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Host an Event

Invite some friends for dinner. Host a screening of our short documentary. Put together a fun run. Plan an auction at a local bar. Whatever it is, we are here to assist you with materials, ideas, and support throughout the process. For more information please contact us at info@thetinylivesfoundation.org.

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Volunteer in Lesotho

TTL hosts international volunteers in Lesotho throughout the year. TTL also has a competitive year-long fellowship program. In addition, slots are available for volunteer undergraduate students and medical personnel. You can also join one of our “Witness Trips” to become a witness to the struggles and triumphs of the work in Lesotho.

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Donating is the easiest and often the most effective way to support our work. Every dollar counts.


One bag of powdered milk = giving an under-nourished child the protein essential to a balanced diet


One night stay at the hospital = giving an HIV+ pregnant woman a chance to save her unborn child from HIV


One tin of formula = giving a baby who has lost his mother nutritious meals for two weeks


Electricity for a month = giving babies warmth and light in cold Lesotho


Two tanks of gas = giving 20 families the opportunity to have food & medicine delivered to their homes


Food packages for one child for a year = giving a child a chance to thrive


One-year salary for a TTL caregiver = a full-time caregiver for a child who has none

Become a Founder’s Society Member

Members of the Founder’s Society donate $1,000+ and receive the following benefits:

For U.S. Donors
For Canadian Donors
For All Other Donors