13th Annual Chelan to Africa Benefit Auction and Concert

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Raised: $11,000.00 /  Goals: $10,000.00
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Welcome to Lake Chelan Valley’s most popular Summer Party with a Purpose! 

We are hosting our 14th Annual Benefit Concert and Auction on August 7, 2021.  We are so pleased to have our event LIVE this year. And, we know you are excited too, because we sold out in 4 days!  So, we created this page to offer you an opportunity to help us raise money online as well for these two critical nonprofits that provide support for children in-need. 

Let’s Raise Some Money!!!  

This is the part of the party where YOU get to make a difference. Both of the nonprofits that are supported by Chelan to Africa make a critical difference in the well-being of children both locally and half-way around the globe.  Both of the nonprofits offer services that NO OTHER organization offers in their geographic location.  Therefore, BOTH nonprofits deserve your consideration for a generous donation.  Please help us make a difference for these two groups and we will plan on doing it again in 2022!!

Donate to Support the Touching Tiny Lives Foundation  AND Thrive Chelan Valley 

Chelan to Africa has been supporting TTL for 13 years now, after learning about the lifesaving work they do.  TTL is a non-profit organization supporting orphaned children in a mountainous region of Lesotho, Africa.  Lesotho has the highest percentage of orphans in the world due to a young adult population where 30% are HIV positive coupled with poverty, severe droughts, and sustenance living.  TTL runs a safehouse for the most at-risk children and provides a robust outreach and education program that makes a lasting difference for the families they serve.  Lesotho has made great strides in reducing HIV infection in adults and children, but now the COVD19 crisis has hit Lesotho hard.  On top of the pandemic, this is the third year of terrible droughts that have led to children dying even more frequently from malnutrition and disease.  Your contribution will make a significant difference in their well-being and survival.

Thrive Chelan Valley exists to raise awareness, advocate, and empower the community to provide programs and services that meet the needs of Lake Chelan Valley youth.  They believe that all Lake Chelan Valley youth have everything they need to reach their full potential.  Thrive offers numerous programs to area youth including Thrive Cares which meets tangible needs with wraparound services; Thrive Mentoring that provides adult mentors for youth and Thrive Teen Center which provides teens with a safe space, a warm meal, fun games and good music.  This is but a limited list of what they actually do!  And, all of these needs have become magnified due to the COVID19 pandemic which has left children without the support of a classroom and teachers AND has created worsened financial insecurity for many families and youth.  Thrive needs your help now more than ever. Thank you for helping us remove barriers!   

$50 Provides 1 Month of Vegetables and Protein for 2 families

As sustenance farmers, the families in the Mokhotlong area of Lesotho are dependent on the season and the weather for their survival. They normally raise all of their produce and animal products. The past 3 years of severe drought has made food scarcity a major threat to many more households and therefore children.

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$150 Provides 1 Year of Maize (a type of corn) for 1 family

Maize is the main crop grown in the region. It is a staple in all households that is used for many food dishes and is the backbone of their diet.

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$300 Provides 1 Month of Travel Expenses for TTL Outreach

Every day, Outreach workers visit a vast network of remote villages throughout the region to provide regular follow-up support to existing clients and to identify new clients in need. TTL Outreach travels to areas where there is NO other support and they bring nutritional packages, medication and support the villages and families with education and assistance with transportation to clinics and hospitals.

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$525 Provides a 6 Month Salary for One Caregiver

When TTL encounters children that are too sick to remain at home, they are admitted temporarily to the Safe Home to receive the treatment they need to survive and thrive.The Safe Home is staffed by an extraordinarily committed team of local female caregivers who attend to each child’s needs- all day, every day. Their responsibilities include providing regular meals, changing diapers, managing medications, attending doctor’s appointments and providing constant attention and support.

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The Sky is the Limit- Custom Donation Amount

TTL is an amazing grassroots organization that has proven to be sustainable in providing children under 5 years-old with life-saving support in rural, mountainous Lesotho for over 15 years. TTL is run by an all-volunteer board and keeps its operational costs to a bare minimum which allows you to know that every penny you donate goes straight to help the children live. Due to the current COVD19 pandemic, the normal fundraising activities are not available AND Lesotho is facing severe drought AND there is massive impact in neighboring South Africa from COVID19. Please help give these children the best chance possible!

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$100: Thrive Bronze Package

  • 33 Food2Schools meals for local kids
  • 1 warm dinner at the Teen Center
  • A fun adventure for a mentor & mentee
  • Warm winter gear for a local student
  • Two volunteer background checks
  • AAU fees for two aspiring athletes

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$250: Thrive Silver Package

  • 83 Food2Schools meals for local kids
  • 2 warm dinners at the Teen Center
  • A professional outfit for an FBLA student
  • Warm winter gear for 2 local students
  • 1-2 counseling appointment fees
  • AAU fees for 4 aspiring athletes

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$500: Gold Package

  • 166 Food2Schools meals for local kids
  • 5 warm dinners at the Teen Center
  • 5 fun adventures for a mentor & mentee
  • Warm winter gear for 5 local students
  • AAU fees for 8 aspiring athletes

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$1,000: Diamond Package

  • 333 Food2Schools meals for local kids
  • 10 warm dinners at the Teen Center
  • 10 fun adventures for a mentor & mentee
  • Warm winter gear for 5 local students
  • Summer camp fees for 2 athletes
  • 4-5 counseling appointment fees

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Thank you!

 It is humbling, and an honor to be part of this on-going “party with a purpose” with YOU for the last 14 years.  We really do want to THANK YOU and we are planning on seeing you in 2022 when we will once again dance, enjoy the view, drink the wine, and raise money for two incredible causes!


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  1. Nell Lindquist
    Jul, 30, 2020

    So happy you’re still doing the event this year—can’t wait!!

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