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Raised: $31,737.00 /  Goals: $50,000.00
Campaign Duration: Campaign has ended

Join The Tiny Lives Foundation THIS WEEK in our Fall Campaign, 5 DAYS TO 50K! Your support is needed now more than ever. Help sustain the life-saving work of TTL in Lesotho and help us reach our $50,000 goal by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22. A donation today will go directly to providing access to health care, health education, and the resources needed to combat malnutrition for thousands of children in Lesotho.

CANADIAN DONORS: Please donate through Canada Helps for the appropriate tax credit. We will manually add your donation to this total at the end of each day!

How your donation supports the work of TTL

$5 One bag of powdered milk = providing an under-nourished child the protein essential to a balanced diet
$10 One night stay at the hospital = allowing a child with severe malnutrition the opportunity to receive the care needed to survive
$20 One tin of formula = supplying a baby who has lost their mother nutritious meals for two weeks
$50 One month’s worth of hygiene supplies = stocking the TTL Safe Home with essential items for the babies
$150 Two tanks of gas = providing an average of 60 families the opportunity to have food & medicine delivered to their homes
$300 Food packages for one child for a year = offering a child the chance to thrive
$2,000 One-year salary for a TTL caregiver = making it possible for 24/7 care of the babies in the TTL Safe Home

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