September at TTL

Touching Tiny Lives staff have been extremely busy the past month! This September we brought new children to our safe home, reunited 4 children with their caregivers, held a workshop for ARV adherence, hosted visitors from abroad, and worked with several early childhood schools in Mokhotlong! Here’s what we’ve been working on this past month!

Safe home

Our safe home sent home 4 children this month! These children reached a healthy weight and stability in their health and got to return home to their caregivers. Although we will miss each one of them, we were so excited to reunite these children with the people who love them the most!

We also gained two new children in the safe home (pictured below!). The boy was only 5 days old when he came into TTL’s care! We can’t wait to watch these children grow!



HIV workshop

TTL hosted an HIV medication adherence workshop this month for community caregivers who take care of HIV positive children. TTL staff and the caregivers discussed how to stay on track when administering medicine, how to create emotionally healthy conversations to disclose a child’s HIV status, and the importance of nutrition when the immune system is weakened. We received extremely positive feedback from all of the women who attended the workshop. Many attendees were motivated to bring the information back to their villages and communities to start community support groups. Overall, we learned a lot and had a lot of fun in the process!

Donor Relations

This month we hosted two representatives from Gummersbach, Germany for a week! Klaus and Daniel are long supporters of TTL and make an effort to visit TTL’s campus and observe TTL projects once a year. The pair visited our Nutrition Corner in Thlanyaku, observed two early childhood schools they helped to fund, and got to spend some quality time in our safe home.

TTL also partnered with Gummersbach on September 15th for International Children’s Day! Through videos, children from both Lesotho and Germany presented essays about themselves with pictures they created. TTL plans to further our relationship with Gummersbach by working with them to start construction on a preschool in Maluba-lube! The project was officially launched during the visit and is expected to end early December!

All of us at TTL are extremely grateful for their partnership and look forward to seeing Klaus and Daniel each year!

Early Childhood Education

This month we also continued our work with Mokhotlong’s early childhood schools. We delivered nutritious meals to all five local preschools in the Mokhotlong district along with 26 plastic chairs to the Senkoase early childhood education school! We also hosted community meetings to see how we can help improve each school. We are excited to see how these schools develop over the new school year!



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