Christmas Giving

Are you still suck trying to figure out the perfect gift to give a friend/loved one this holiday season? How about the gift of helping out vulnerable children in their name?

This past year climate change has hit Mokhotlong hard! Winters snow was very shy and provided us with a dry winter and late snow. Unfortunately, when the snow decided to show up, it did with force. Unusually, we got snow mid November, right in the middle of our one growing season. Mokhotlong is the one district in all of the Lesotho that only has one growing season. The other districts have 2. Adding extra hardship to our local farmers and families who rely on being able to grow a good amount of their produce during this season. On average, Lesotho is only able to produce 10% of the given food it needs in a year. The majority of people in Lesotho rely on agriculture as their source of income. We also are experiencing less rain fall at this time of year. Last year the heavy rains started at the beginning of November, and this year the heavy rains are just now starting and are not as frequent. We are staying optimistic, but are concerned the drought is returning. Meaning we will need to help more nutritional support to families in the next year.

So this is where you all come in. You can make a donation so that we can help more families this year. Wondering what your donation would go towards? Check out this fancy list we compiled!

  • $5= provides one bag of powdered milk, giving an under-nourished child the protein essential to a balanced diet
  • $10= One night stay at the hospital, giving an HIV+ pregnant woman a chance to save her unborn child from HIV
  • $20= One tin of baby formula, providing an orphaned baby nutritious meals for two weeks
  • $50= Electricity for a month, providing the babies in the safe home with warms and light during the cold in the mountains for Lesotho
  • $150=Two tanks of gas, providing 20 families the opportunity to have food & medicine delivered to their homes
  • $250= Food packages for one child for a year, giving a child the chance to thrive
  • $1,800= One-year salary for a TTL caregiver, providing a full-time caregiver for a child who currently has none

For information on how to donate or support our families and their vulnerable children, please check out out website at:

Thank you so much from us and the many children we serve! Happy Holidays!


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