April Caregiver’s on Campus

This month we reunited 3 babies with caregivers after
various lengths in the safe-home. 2 of the children being reunited have been
here for almost three months, while one has been with us for just over 6
months. The caregivers are brought to campus for a week to reunite with the
child after a sustainable separation and to receive training on keeping their
children healthy. Every day there are new sessions for the caregivers ranging
from milestones, proper nutrition, and how to help with ART adherence when
needed.  Most of this month’s Caregivers
on Campus training’s focused on recognizing the warning signs of malnutrition
and how to make sure the child is proper nutrition through a variety of meal
plans. While we are sad to not see these cuties every day, we are happy for
them to return home! Outreach will continue to see them for the next few months
before graduating them fully!


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