Denied funding for technology to improve & expand services because we’re in Lesotho

Cisco, Galaxy, Samsung, Apple etc- all of these companies engage in their corporate social responsibility to support charities/NGOs and NFPs. Many of these technology firms carry this out through donating their products to organisations to improve their data collection, save money on ink and paper, streamline their services, widen their scope and increase productivity. Unfortunately, there are certain countries which seem to mostly benefit from these services- the ‘sexy’ countries as they are often labelled: Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Ghana etc. Needless to say, Lesotho is very rarely included in that grouping. So, as an NGO based in Lesotho, what are we meant to do? We spend over R3,000 on paper and ink every quarter, that’s over R12,000 a year. We need to collect a lot of data on our clients to track their progress and write action plans. This takes a lot of time which, with the help of a program on a tablet, could be halved meaning that we could reach more clients in a day. But how are we meant to raise funds to improve and streamline our services using technology? Please, if you know of any companies who can help us by donating technology to an NGO in Lesotho, please contact us on:


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