a new arrival of a different kind

TTL is happy to introduce the newest addition to its team in Mokhotlong: Meghan Harrington. 

Over the next four months, Meghan and I will share this blog space and try to keep everyone updated on all the happy and sad, fun and mundane, events that make up life at TTL. And with that, I’ll let Meghan continue her introduction herself…

Hello from Touching Tiny Lives!  I’m Meghan Harrington, a new TTLF Fellow,here in Mokhotlong for just four months. My time here is flying by – I arrivedabout three weeks ago and thanks to the friendly hospitality that everyone atTTL has shown me, I am feeling right at home. Having heard so many wonderfulthings about TTL from Bridget, Reid, and Kevin’s time here (my sister,brother-in-law, and brother-in-law’s brother respectively), I’m happy to reportthat my experience thus far has exceeded even the high expectations I hadcoming over. Lesotho is a beautiful country, full of friendly people, and I amhumbled to be working for an organization that is successfully tackling some ofthe biggest challenges facing this country. 
The impact TTL has on tiny lives in Lesothois evident the moment you arrive on TTL’s campus. Eleven little ones greetedme, most already on their way to becoming healthy, growing kids thanks to thenutrition and medical support provided in the safe home. One 2 ½ year oldlittle boy, Ralithakang, had arrived at TTL a few days before me, severelymalnourished, HIV+, and infected with tuberculosis. While the other childrenplayed, he preferred to lie down, too sick to smile or move around. WitnessingRalithakang’s progress in the last 3 weeks has been the most inspiring part ofmy time at TTL. He is laughing at everything, trying to talk, and walking withsupport. Seeing his transformation confirms how important this work is  – TTL is giving these kids the opportunity tosurvive.
Yesterday Tsepang and Retsepile, two of thekids in the safe home, were picked up by their moms and taken home. I was sadto see their familiar faces leave us, but it was also a reminder of the greatfunction that TTL’s safe home serves when these now healthy, happy babies arereunited with their families.
So grateful for the opportunity to be here,witnessing all of the wonderful things happening at Touching Tiny Lives.
  1. Kevin Rector
    Nov, 8, 2011

    Glad you are there!!

  2. Bridget
    Nov, 22, 2011

    Hey Megs! Good to see you up on the blog.

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