new arrival

It’s lunchtime at TTL and I poked my head into the safehome to find only two babies sitting on the mat ready for lunch. Everyone else was curled up fast asleep, including our newest arrival: Lebohang.

Lebohang is 6 weeks old and his parent’s first child. His mother has just passed away due to complications during childbirth that were most likely negatively impacted by her positive HIV status. As his chubby cheeks show, Lebohang’s current health is pretty good compared to most of the children who come to the safehome. However, the misdiagnosis of his mother’s HIV status during pregnancy means that Lebohang was exposed to HIV. Doctors at the  hospital thought it would be best for Lebohang to come to TTL so that he can receive all the care he needs while his family deals with the loss of his mother. This will also allow us to test Lebohang’s HIV status so that a proper care plan can be identified as early as possible.


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