SafeHome for the Holidays

Our mission is to provide support for some of the most vulnerable people on the planet, including in TTL’s safehome for sick and malnourished children in Mokhotlong. We strive to provide families with food, help ensure they have proper shelter, fight to get them access to healthcare and ultimately save lives — reducing the number of families who will spend the holidays mourning a loved one lost to HIV/AIDS, malnutrition or some other scourge related to poverty.

There will come a time this holiday season, while we are surrounded by family and friends, enjoying gifts and good food and giving thanks for our own health and good fortune, when we will wonder what we can do to give back.

One answer: Support Touching Tiny Lives.

It brings me work. It brings changes to my life. If it wasn’t for TTL, I wouldn’t know what my life would be
Mme Maboikano

TTL is my work that has helped me to know how to help sick kids and gives me knowledge on helping young children be healthy.

-Mme Matebo

It is my work and brings change to my life as I earn a paycheck every month.
Mme Matsebang

I was very sick in the SafeHome when I was a child after my mother died. Even after leaving the safe home, TTL gave me food and hygiene supplies. Last year I got to come back for International Girl’s Day and I got to stay connected to TTL.
-Ausi Lerato (former client)

TTL is good to me. They helped me when I was admitted to the hospital and I didn’t have enough milk to feed my child. TTL gave me formula and now they give me food to support my family.
 Mme Manthati and Thati

TTL is wonderful. My child was premature and very small at birth. TTL helped me with supplies. I attended the HIV workshop at TTL and now I know so much about how to provide medicine for my child! Before, people in my village laughed at me, but now they see me as an equal.
-Mme Mathabo and Abuti Neo

In a town of few employment opportunities, our local staff tells us they, too, are empowered by their careers at TTL to provide a happy holiday season, and a secure life, for their own loved ones. And some will spend their holidays in the safe home, ensuring no interruptions to the around-the-clock care they so expertly provide the most vulnerable of our clients.

This holiday season, TTL will be a lifeline for countless families. Please support our work by donating here.