Likheto came to TTL a double orphan. His mother had died shortly after his birth eight weeks early and weighing less than four pounds; his ‘before’ photo shows just how small he was! Around the clock tube feeding by the loving staff for the next month turned around his severe malnutrition and he eventually left to live with his grandparents. Our Outreach team continued to follow his progress. Here he is after one year – happy, loved, and possessing one bulging little tummy!


Palesa was the most malnourished child ever admitted to the TTL Safe Home. She was too weak to move or suck from a bottle. Only continual 24-hour care by TTL staff allowed for a glimmer of hope. Within just a few days, Palesa began smiling, thriving, and giggling with every approaching feeding! Her health and development improved radically thanks to TTL’s support. Now, Palesa indeed a poster child for the loving care and nutrition she has received at the Safe Home.


When Paballo first arrived to the TTL Safe Home, she was severely malnourished. She could not stand, indeed she rarely moved – shy and quiet from her own lack of energy. Still, her big eyes and expressive face showed an active curiosity. Once Paballo started receiving regular meals each day, she began to put on weight, and her personality began to come out. She started laughing, crawling, and eventually standing. She even took her first steps! Paballo’s wide grin, giggle, and one-word exclamations became regular sites and sounds in the playroom. She went home a completely different child than two months prior: happy, healthy, and full of life.


Ntseliseng arrived orphaned and near death. At 1 month he was only 0.9kg, battling untreated HIV and severe malnutrition. A year later, after intensive care and nourishment in the Safe Home, Ntseliseng has transformed into a happy and healthy toddler, following a successful regimen of medication for HIV. TTL identified a loving aunt to serve as full-time caregiver for Ntseliseng, and today he remains in good health.


TTL found 3-year-old Seithati at the Linakaneng Clinic. At first glance, she looked no older than one year old. She weighed only 6kg, and her tiny arms and legs contrasted with her swollen, distended belly. Not long after coming to the Safe Home, Seithati had developed into a strong and active child. She even found her singing voice and was not afraid to share it with the rest of the babies and bo’me in the playroom! Happily, Seithati’s malnutrition was stabilized, and she reunited with her grandmother.


Batloung was referred to TTL when a Village Health Worker identified him as suffering from severe malnutrition. The TTL Outreach team quickly realized that Batloung’s swollen face and feet was a sign of Kwashiorkor, a critical form of malnutrition resulting from a significant lack of protein. The Outreach team took Batloung to the Mokhotlong Government Hospital, where he spent a number of weeks undergoing treatment for malnutrition.

Batloung has since been receiving rehabilitative care at the TTL Safe-home. During his stay at TTL, Batloung has experienced significant progress in regaining his health and catching up on developmental milestones. He is now crawling and standing independently, and the Safe-home caregivers note advances in his responsive and expressive language almost every day.

While Batloung still faces many challenges in his recovery, the immense strides he has already made give us great confidence in his future.

November 2012: Weighed 14.3 pounds
March 2013: Weighed 21.6 pounds