Touching Tiny Lives’ Vital Foods Fundraiser

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Raised: $5,650.00 /  Goals: $5,000.00
Campaign Duration: Campaign has ended

Often the young children who come into TTL’s care are malnourished and have had little sustenance beyond water and a little maize meal by the time we reach them. To get these children healthy, we carefully introduce them to a variety of vital, nutritious foods, including fruits and vegetables but also protein-rich beans, eggs, and meats. Such food can be hard to find in Mokhotlong, and it’s not always affordable for caregivers and families.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you to see if you can help us combat malnutrition and keep our kids gaining weight and on the right path – one meal at a time, one child at a time – as part of our Vital Foods Fundraiser. Your picking up the tab for a meal or two for a few of our kids goes a long way, and results in a lot of smiles and full bellies!

With your help, we can work our way toward alleviating hunger in Lesotho! Thanks for always having our back!


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