A New Fellow!

    Waving at babies is one of my favorite hobbies

Greetings from the Mountain Kingdom! This is just a short blog to introduce myself as the latest TTL fellow here in Mokhotlong. My name is Maddie Penney and I am absolutely thrilled to be in Lesotho! If you know me, you know that caring for babies is a fervent passion of mine. In this position I am not only living a brisk 15 second walk away from ~10 babies at all times, but I also get to advocate for them on an administrative level, which has developed into a new passion of mine over the years.

I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in elementary and special education in 2017. After deciding that 18 years of school wasn’t going to cut it, I entered the 19th grade in a graduate program at Ball State for applied behavior analysis the following semester! Although this position here at TTL is out of my typical wheelhouse, I am thrilled for the opportunity to grow and learn (and probably embarrass myself a time or two) in this new environment.

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My greatest hope is that I am able to pull from my previous experiences with children of many abilities and serve the community here at TTL. I have been graciously welcomed over and over by locals and other volunteers alike, for which I cannot express enough thanks. I have simultaneously been deeply humbled by these steep hills…this Indiana girl didn’t know what she was in for!

Thanks to all for following along & be on the look out for more updates to come!

  1. Storey Snyder
    Sep, 12, 2019

    Ahhhh! This is wonderful!!! I can’t wait to read and see more from my favorite blogger How exciting to see such an amazing organization come together with a beautiful heart like yours. Big things are ahead!

    • Maddie Penney
      Sep, 12, 2019

      Thank you Storey!! So grateful for your support!

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