Mokhotlong gears up for national election

Mokhotlong Camp Town was buzzing with energy and excitement this weekend, as supporters from 4 Mokhotlong districts flooded our small town for a political rally. The normally quiet village was transformed into a sea of colours, vehicles, dancing, singing, and camaraderie. It was a such a pleasure to see Basotho from a variety of districts unite for a common purpose.

The national election is coming up on 28 February 2015, 2 years ahead of schedule as a result of the political instability in Lesotho in September 2014. The call for early elections aims to bring stability to the current government system and give Basotho people the opportunity to have their voices heard through the power of democratic voting. While political tension is running high, it is inspiring to see the amount of people who are committed to peaceful elections. The spirit and pride of local people makes us at TTL proud to be part of such a strong community.


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