Getting ready for Christmas!


Mokhotlong is getting green, the flowers are in bloom and there’s excitement in the air….that can only mean one thing – the countdown to Christmas in Lesotho is on!

Little Mamosa shows us her Christmas cheer.

Christmas in Mokhotlong means spending time with family and friends and cooking meals to share with loved ones. Some of the children in the Safe Home will stay with us for the Christmas season in order to continue growing stronger and healthier. We look forward to spending the the holidays with these amazing children. We are also excited for the little ones who are preparing to be reunited with their families in the days coming up to Christmas.

This time of year helps remind us what we are thankful for and motivates us to give to those who need it most. At TTL, we are dedicated to providing children with the nutrition, support, and love that they need all year, and most especially at Christmas.

We hope that you will take some time this season to reflect on your blessings as we continue to care for the greatest gifts in Mokhotlong.


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