Village Health Workers…Our Eyes and Ears

For many Basotho, health clinics are a multiple day journey away via foot, horseback and / or motorized transport.  Village Health Workers (VHWs) are the eyes and ears for both health clinics and TTL; they are an indispensable resource within the community.  VHWs are community members specially trained by the Ministry of Health to help ensure identification of, and timely referral for, myriad childhood illnesses.

Often, trainings for VHWs are far and few between.  Recently, thanks to a donation from The Caring Network, TTL has been able to help VHWs in the Thaba Tseka and Mokhotlong districts receive additional training.  The trainings have two components:  a refresher component about identification of children suffering from malnutrition as well as new training about timely identification of common childhood illnesses, including appropriate referral and how to support the infant or child in the event of a multiple day journey to a health facility.
Though we can’t change the terrain of this beautiful ‘sky kingdom,’ we can help diminish the challenges faced by those living in the beautiful, but remote, mountain villages by ensuring that all available VHWs are empowered with knowledge to make life-saving referral decisions.  

Thank you, ‘Me Malefu, for facilitating the session!

Linakaneng VHW training (Thaba Tseka district)


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