Meet Moronegoe and Morongoenyane

Meet Moronegoe and Morongoenyane, our newest additions at the safe-home.
These twins sisters come to us due to severe malnutrition.
When we met them on an outreach trip, I think our hearts all dropped when their mother told us they were almost 7 months old; their tiny limbs and skinny bodies looked hardly more than a month or two.
Their condition is a strong illustration of the compounded difficulties of living in one of the most remote, mountainous areas of Mokhotlong and trying to feed twins when food security issues run so rampant.
They’ve now been with us in the safe-home for five days. These five days have given us time to develop a greater understanding of their needs and each day we see progress.
Although it will likely be a few weeks before we see the trademark chubby cheeks of a baby recovering from malnutrition, we’re already looking forward to the day they will be healthy enough to return home.
Mom gets Morongoenyane ready to be weighed.
Matello, a member of the Outreach team, measures Morongoe.

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