the road home

Yesterday on Outreach we drove through rain, snow, and fog so thick you could barely see the next bend in the road. We went over some mountains, through a few streams (or washed out road sections depending on your perspective) and waited patiently for oncoming vehicles to pass because the mud was so deep that the already narrow mountain roads have become limited to a single track. We drove for about two and half hours, reaching a maximum speed of 30km/h so we could navigate the constant obstacles of potholes, boulders, and herds of sheep. And even when we were bouncing up and down dirt tracks that look (and feel) like the equivalent of rockslides down a mountain – this little guy managed to sleep through the whole thing.
I guess it was a good thing that he was getting his rest because it was going to be a big day – after four and a half months in the safe-home, Puso was being reunited with his family. Little Puso woke up just before we pulled up to his village where we found his grandmother, siblings, and neighbours all happy and excited to welcome him home. 
November 2011 – Puso’s intake into the safe-home. He had already been in the Outreach program for 2 months but his mother’s health was getting worse and Puso was not gaining weight. At 6 months, he still weighed only 4kg.
April 2012 – Now 11 months and over 7kg! Puso is successfully taking ARVs and for a baby who doesn’t like to eat, the bo’me have been very successful at getting him to regain all his chubby baby fat.  
Puso and his grandmother outside his new home.
Learning about Puso’s medications…
Puso with his siblings and neighbours.

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