After Four Months

My four months at TTL came and now they’re gone. One more day at this wonderful place before I head to Maseru, and from there, back to a snowy Colorado winter. My time in Lesotho has been great – I have learned and seen so much and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. TTL will be in my heart as I go forward and I’m sure I will think often of the babies in the safe-home, coming and going as they reach new health and developmental goals and of the amazing staff at TTL who are doing whatever it takes to make sure these kids are on track to live full, healthy lives.

In my first blog post I mentioned Ralithakong, a little boy who arrived at about the same time as I did. As one of only two children in the safe-home who has been here throughout the duration of my stay, as I say goodbye it seems appropriate to reflect on not only what I have gained from TTL in the last four months, but what Ralithakong has as well. Stunted and very sick when he arrived, four months later he is doing awesome! He has become Mr. Independent – recently walking, feeding himself and talking up a storm. Ranking high on his list of favorite things to say are “hello ntate” and “hello m’e” (greetings to males/females) but during lunch it’s all “papa” “nama” and “dijo!” (boiled maize meal, meat, and FOOD!) It has been incredible to see the capacity of TTL’s safe-home through the progress Ralithakong has made, and great to know that after I leave he will continue to make strides in his health.

I leave hoping that I’ll make it back to Lesotho, and more specifically TTL, in the future and be able to witness all of the growth and development made by this evolving organization and the country as a whole.

I hope all of the long car rides on outreach and to Maseru will have engrained the stunning mountain landscapes into my eternal memory. I will truly miss being surrounded by so much beauty. It is sad to leave and say goodbye to the wonderful people here who made my experience, but thank you for everything.

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  1. Bridget
    Feb, 9, 2012

    Very nicely said, Megs. We will have to do a huge Rector/Harrington reunion tour one of these years!

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