First Impressions

The following post was written by volunteer Tucker Dunn who will be spending 6 weeks at TTL.

My arrival at TTL seemed like it was years in the making. Over the past several years, I have known several people who have taken the time to come down to Mokhotlong to help TTL further its mission, and now, I finally have the opportunity to do the same.

Since arriving, I have tried to immerse myself in the world of TTL as much as possible. Whether I am playing with the babies in the playroom, entering data on the computers, or going on outreach to check in on some of our child clients, I learn more and more about the problems facing many of the communities in Mokhotlong, and what TTL is doing to help alleviate some of these problems. Everyday has been an incredible learning experience.

One thing that has struck me is how committed everyone at TTL is to these children. While the bo’me shoulder most of the responsibility of caring for the children in the safe home, everyone here does their own part to ensure the wellbeing of the children. At various times throughout the day, you can see Nthabeleng going into the playroom to help the bo’me feed the children during lunch time, Tumisang the gardener making faces at the giggling faces pressed up against the playroom window, and Puleng the receptionist slipping into the playroom to partake in a highly spirited and hilarious game of chase with Khathatso and Mamello. Everybody here at TTL has their own role that is essential for TTL to be able to provide the services it does, and it is truly remarkable that everyone finds their own way to brighten the lives of these children on a daily basis.


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