A Healthy Five Month Start

Today, the trend of babies arriving at the safe-home finally reversed, as one of them instead went home.

Our little, chunky, bright-eyed Retsepile, who arrived at TTL a few days after her birth at the beginning of September and has been here ever since, has gone home to her father.

Back in September, Matello found Retsepile at the hospital with her father, who said Retsepile’s mother had passed away shortly after the delivery. Retsepile was 2.6 kg, or about 5.7 pounds, and was in a relatively healthy condition. Still, the couple had already lost two other babies, now the mother had died, and the father was scared Retsepile would also pass away without the support of her mother and because of the lack of resources at his disposal for feeding Retsepile.

TTL agreed to help the father by having Retsepile come to the safe-home, where we could provide her with formula and get her through the critical first months of her life.

Now, five months later, Retsepile is healthy and happy. And her father, who regularly visited her here and seems like an involved, caring parent, is ready to take care of her.

If it weren’t for TTL’s services and care, would Retsepile have made it? Luckily, we’ll never have to know.


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