When it Rains it Pours

It seems that when it rains here, it pours – and I’m not just talking about the massively wet weather we have been having, which is causing flooding, washing out roads, destroying crop fields, ruining some rural homes, and making life muddy in general.

I’m also talking about the fact that, suddenly, we have 11 babies here in the safe-home: Nthabiseng, Retsepile (#1), Khutliso, Molefi, Retsepile (#2), Kabelo, the twins Thabelo and Ithabeleng, Neo, Nthabeleng and Retsepile (#3).

Nthabeleng, who shares a name with the big boss here, just arrived yesterday, while Retsepile (#3) just arrived today.

As ‘Me Nthabeleng, who left last week for Maseru when we only had 7 babies here, said to me upon her return this afternoon, “With the safe-home, you never know what you’ll get from day to day.”

It’s definitely a full-house. This afternoon, Eric and I joined Meghan – the new TTLF fellow, and my replacement, who arrived last week – in holding and playing with the babies along with the bo’me.

The toddlers are always fun to play with, but little Kabelo has also become one of my favorites. He’s adorable and very calm, taking everything in and rarely crying.

Having this many babies at this point means something special for me: Through the end of my stay, which is in just two weeks, there will be plenty of opportunities to help out the bo’me, to give a bottle, or just to hold a baby for a while.

I’m glad that is the case. Once I’m home, I think I’ll miss the babies the most.


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