S.P.@.T. — V3

Sticking Points @ TTL, Volume 3:

1. Flashlight on a cell phone: the best app ever.

2. When you reach the point of preferring mutton to chicken at the local corrugated-metal lunch place, there is initial confusion. Do you really want mutton? Yes. Yes you do.

3. Twins are increasing in number. It’s just a theory.

4. Little boys’ homemade toy cars, with their frames and steering poles made of metal wire and their wheels made of aluminum cans, are awesome.

5. Fresh dried fruit is delicious. Pears are the best, followed closely by peaches. This is up for debate.

6. Where babies are concerned, high-fives are contagious.

7. Roadblocks are inherently flawed, because donkeys don’t obey them. Nor do police.

8. Cold nights don’t suck as much when the days in between them are sunny.

9. Sun hats on babies are hilarious and adorable.

10. Lambs have tails.

11. Little known fact: Candy isn’t the best philanthropic gift for malnourished babies. I know, weird.

12. Days may start getting longer again, but it’s still winter.

13. Moms make the best care packages.

14. Carrying something heavy (read: generator) with someone half your height (read: Nthabeleng) is made even more difficult and awkward when laughing uncontrollably.

15. Healthy babies are happy babies.


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