S.P.@.T. — V2

By popular demand: Sticking Points @ TTL – Volume 2:

1. The human neck is capable of balancing a very large tub of water atop the head, with no help from the hands. This has only been observed in the female of the species.

2. Steamed bread is delicious, especially toasted.

3. Butchering a sheep carcass can be simultaneously gross, educational and amusing.

4. Purchasing office furniture from a coffin maker is a melancholy experience.

5. When it comes to potholes, it’s not size, but quantity, that really matters.

6. The phrase, “It’s reallllly early in the morning,” can be understood to be a funny joke.

7. Pronouncing a letter that is, at once, a recognizable syllable and a click of the tongue is a tricky task.

8. Hiking up a mountain is often easier than hiking back down it.

9. Live television is not a necessity in life; television series on DVD are awesome.

10. Dancing toddlers crack me up.

11. You can bribe small children to dance by offering them small pieces of chocolate. In the future, they will remember this business transaction and attempt to negotiate. This is hilarious.

12. A cooked chicken foot is a suitable afternoon snack. It is also very salty. It is also mostly cartilage and skin.

13. Five minutes with a laughing toddler can brighten even the most tedious work day.

14. A small, hand-held mirror in the bathroom provides a sufficient amount of self-viewing in life.

15. Spending the “winter in the mountains” is much more hardcore with no central heating.

16. Every partnership starts with a proposal.

17. Losing a few pounds can go unnoticed. Losing 10 pounds, not so much.

18. Altitude is for real.

19. You can always build a new fire pit. That’s the great thing about fire pits.

20. “Ntate Kevin” can sound like a lot of things coming from a 3-year-old, all of which are funny.


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